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My favorite dollie

When I was growing up, birthdays and Christmas tended to suck. None of my relatives knew what to get me, and I had so few friends that I never even had a "real" birthday party, only a small cake at home every year. I tended to just pretend I didn't have a birthday, but deep down I was really jealous of the other kids. Here they were getting cool Transformers or Barbie dolls and GameBoys whereas all I ever got was stuff like bats and baseballs from my uncles (who wanted me to be a boy) and ill fitting clothes from my aunts (who kept forgetting I have a penis).

My mom and dad, though got it for the most part. My Dad always bought me a cake, and there was a piece in my sack lunch every day until it ran out (mom and dad never had any of "my" cake). Mom would usually make me something, generally by buying girl clothes and modifying them so that they could handle my unique figure. I also got a used Super Nintendo from a garage sale one year, but the only game I ever had was Super Mario All Stars (I'm very good at it, though). There was never much money to go around, so things were always subdued.

One year, though, my mom really surprised me. I didn't have many dolls, partly because we couldn't afford them and partly because I didn't really like dolls. It's not that I disliked the concept, it was just that they looked nothing like me. All of the dolls were pretty, with shiny colored fur, and very feminine bodies. It just kind of made me ashamed, seeing as I barely have hips and tits, and I can't wear anything form fitting below the waist.

But when my Dad brought out my cake on my 12th birthday, my mom presented me with a doll she had hand-made, in secret, over the course of several months. She had soft white fur and red eyes, just like me, and wore a simple pink dress (I like pink). But what I liked the most was that, under the dress, she was wearing boxer shorts. Just like I do. I named her Vixy and I've had her ever since, though her dress has faded and her fur has a noticeable grey tinge to it, despite my best efforts.

I love my Vixy, though.

I miss my mom.

Belated Birthday

I forgot to mention that my birthday was last Saturday, on the 14th (blushes) Sorry, I've just been so busy lately. I had a very nice party, with cake, and all of my friends showed up and we played WarioWare. I know it's silly but the Wii makes acting like an idiot very fun.

I found this very amusing:

Were it not for the fact I think they wouldn't be accepted, I'd make out all my checks like that. 

Another snapshot of me!

This time by Tabbiewolf. She caught me in a rather bookish moment...Which is pretty common, actually :3


Me in my swimwear!

 I actually love swimming, but I don't do it very often because I'm worried my...special status...will come out. That's why I wear a one-piece and swim trunks, so that my crotch doesn't show. In any event, thanks for drawing this Patches. Everyone go comment and +fav it here:

It's Square Root Day!

Only a few square root days happen every century. March 3rd 2009 is one of 'em, cus 3 x 3 = 9! The other ones for this century are, of course, 1/1/2001, 2/2/2004, 4/4/2016, 5/5/2025, 6/6/2036, 7/7/2049, 8/8/2064, and 9/9/2081. I hope we all get to see each and every one of them!

To celebrate, at the office today, we had all sorts of roots and stuff cut into squares :3 There were cubed potatoes, and also square french fries. We had some cube beets and cubed carrots and I forget what else. We also had a pie that was crimped with the first 30 digits of pi, but that's just because one of the gals at work has a pie crimper that does numbers instead of just folds. There were little cubes of yellow cake with white icing, which is my favorite kind.

It was a fun party. There was even some wine. As usual I got visibly drunk off one glass. I'm such a small girl, that's all it takes to get me tippy.


I've been so busy lately >.> Which is why I haven't been posting.

I've been playing a lot of Animal Crossing too. I think I've /finally/ gotten the town the way I like it. When I first started playing Animal Crossing: City Folk I had the feeling it was pretty much just like the DS and Gamecube versions (which I still play somewhat). And yeah, it's a lot like it, but there are some key differences.

I've finally started to make some money on selling fruit, and I look forward to making my town grow :3 I just wanna get that fountain so I can get the golden axe! 

Will you be my valentine?

 No, I don't have a girlfriend, I don't even have anyone who wants to be my girlfriend, but most of us math nerds either live alone or are married to other math nerds. So we had a gift swap yesterday. Nothing fancy, of course, and there were lots of graphs of calculus equations that made heart-shaped objects of various types.

I ended up with a lot of candy, which you'd think I'd like because of my sweet tooth, but as I've said before I hate the taste of corn syrup and so the only sugar candies I can eat are the fancy kind. Even the hard candies are nothing but high fructose corn syrup these days, and it's just so bitter to me. I hate bitter.

One of the other graduate students gave me a nice, handmade card with one of those new KenKen puzzles taped to the inside. Most KenKen puzzles are way too easy for me since I'm so good at math, but I certainly had more fun filling it out as fast as I possibly could.

I'm curious as to why he'd go to all the trouble of making me a card instead of buying one and then putting something in it he knew I'd like, but I can't help thinking he has a bit of a crush on me. He HAS to know I'm a shemale (everyone around here does and it also comes up in conversation more than I'd like)  but I guess maybe he doesn't mind.

I'm going to see if he'll go out for coffee with me today. :3

Is anyone out there?

I'm just wondering if anyone is reading this journal. I want to make friends, not toss letters down a well!

I was thinking of joining FA, just to say hi to people and so on... 

Ugh, back on the job...

OK so I didn't wanna talk about it, but my "job" started today.

As you might imagine, I do taxes for a few weeks, from the first week of feb until Aptil 15th. I temp at a local tax preparer. 

I really, REALLY hate doing it. Why, you ask? I mean, it's all math, right?

No, tax preparation barely has any math in it. If it was all math, I could do peoples taxes in almost no time at all. Tax prep is laws, laws, laws, most of which are stupid. I spend about 5% of my day doing math, and 45% of my day trying to figure out what math I'm supposed to be doing.

What do I do with the rest of the time? I spend it dealing with people. Stupid people. Before I started doing taxes, I always thought that people who turned in their taxes were busy or lazy or just didn't know how to do it. But I keep having people come in thinking that I can somehow magically make them not owe big wads of back taxes, and then they get angry when they find out that no, I can't magically make them not have to pay taxes. The "patriotic" ones are the worst. They claim to love America and then demand that I figure out how to make them claim that the addition they put on their house is somehow a tax deduction.

I just don't like dealing with customers, I guess.

At least it pays well. REALLY well.


I have a lot of dolls in my apartment, and I confess, I still play with them.

I even made a few of them boxer shorts, like what I wear. So that they are "anatomically correct," minus the fact that they don't have anything like /that/. You know what I mean. Dolls aren't supposed to have genitals.

Thing is though, most of my dolls are little tod foxes or vixens or little baby kits...

Sometimes I just miss the fact that I can't have children. I think kits are so cute and sweet. Yes, I know they scream and wake me up in the middle of the night and poop all over the place...

But sometimes I wish I could have one.

And I wasn't a freak.

Sorry, I have to go cry for a bit.